People often ask artists about their early influences. As twins, we don't hesitate to say ... each other.
Since the day we were born into a remarkably creative family,
we have shared a bond that inspires both of us to nurture our love for art.

When life placed two career paths before us, Jeaneen chose fine art while Doreen chose graphic art.
Nevertheless, we are partners for the journey that is an artistic life.
Our paths cross continuously as we share the never-ending artistic process of exploration,
discovery and growth. When it comes to art, our two paths are truly one.


Jeaneen and I are very excited and proud to once again create the Kentucky Derby Festival Poster. Although this is our fourth achievement, it is just as thrilling as the first time we collaborated as a sister team in 1994. In the past 20 years since then, we have built stronger bonds with not only each other, but with our entire community. So naturally for this year's poster, our hearts were really into it! The 2014 Festival image came with new challenges mixed in with two fresh perspectives. We embraced it with great passion and inspiration. Jeaneen and I wanted to visually express the emotional and physical state of this community leading up to the Derby – that time of the year that unites all of us with enormous pride and enthusiasm. In this year's poster design, the uninhibited stride of the racehorse and the exhilarating flight of the pegasus, intertwine, capturing that extraordinary moment when they become one powerful force … united together … representing the spirit of the Kentucky Derby and its Festival.

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